About Stephanie

I have been there! 

I intimately understand the fear and uncertainty that comes with health struggles.

An unforeseen diagnosis shifted the course of my life, igniting a passion to empower others facing similar challenges. 

My hope is that my personal journey back to health inspires you and demonstrates my profound commitment to health and wellness 

Let's work together to reclaim your health now





My health journey

My health journey

Facing cancer in 2018 became my defining moment. My lifelong interest in health and nutrition blossomed into a burning desire to help others and propelled me on a new path. Seeking guidance on preventing a recurrence, I faced a maze of conflicting nutrition advice in social media. This sparked a passionate pursuit into scientific studies, leading me to trade my extensive career in Finance for a Master's in nutrition. Through my studies and internships, I learned to address root causes and treat the whole person, not just symptoms.

My past career in Finance honed essential skills: unwavering client focus, meticulous attention to detail, an analytical and organized mindset. I approach challenges with a problem-solving mentality, conducting thorough research, all guided by uncompromising ethical standards.

As a cancer survivor, I deeply empathize with those navigating the complexities and emotional burdens of health challenges.

My journey isn't just a story; it's an invitation to prioritize your well-being. It showcases my unwavering belief in the power of health and wellness to transform lives.