Kind Words from Happy Clients

"Deciding to partner with Stephanie for my health goals, is one of the best decisions I made in my life"

Uma, 45 (TX)

"Post Covid, I was struggling with severe exhaustion and debilitating headaches and I was unable to work. 

The doctors could not diagnose or offer solutions, and after suffering for 3 months, I met Stephanie.

Stephanie is an expert in diagnosing the root causes, which enables her to recommend targeted supplements and food protocols. Within weeks, I could see significant improvement in my energy levels and reduction in my headaches. 

She also helped me manage my fibroid related issues and she got me started on a custom diet to address estrogen dominance and anemia. She makes healthy eating fun, and has introduced me to so many new nutrition dense vegetables and power food that has resulted in reduced gut inflammation and lowered estrogen dominance. 

She has in-depth knowledge of the endocrine system and proteins, their pathways and metabolism process and knows precisely the lab work needed for nutritional diagnoses. She is very meticulous in her work. I have not seen anyone else interpret lab results in-depth like Stephanie. 

She is exceptional in her concern for the safety of her clients and walks the extra mile to find safe, high-quality supplements and designs protocols that fit your lifestyle and taste preferences.

Deciding to work with Stephanie has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. 

I cannot thank Stephanie enough."

Stephanie helped me navigate the wild ride of estrogen dominance and SIBO. Her expertise and compassion gave me the tools and confidence to reclaim my health and well-being. If you are looking for a science-based, holistic approach to manage your symptoms, she is the real deal. Highly recommend!"

M.C., 49 (CA)

"Before working with Stephanie, I had a rollercoaster of symptoms: weight gain, mood swings, digestive issues and more. I felt lost, frustrated, and frankly, pretty scared. Then I found Stephanie and from the very first conversation, I knew I was in good hands. Her expertise in estrogen dominance, perimenopause and gut health was clear, but her empathy and understanding truly made a difference. She listened patiently to my concerns, validated my struggles, and created a personalized plan that addressed all my unique needs. Within a few months, I saw incredible results and began to feel like myself again. My energy levels soared, my mood stabilized and the constant bloating became a distant memory while the weight started coming off! But the most amazing change was internal. I finally felt empowered to take control of my health and navigate this challenging phase of life with confidence. She taught me how to make sustainable changes to my diet and lifestyle that fit my unique needs and preferences. Stephanie is a constant source of support and encouragement, always there to answer my questions and keep me motivated."

"Stephanie approached my health like a detective. She designed a plan to tackle my cholesterol, blood pressure, hypothyroidism, and pain. She recommended key labs in collaboration with my doctor, which led to my Hashimoto's diagnosis! It was crucial to guide me towards the right treatment path. Now all my numbers are down and my spirits are up. My deepest thanks to Stephanie for a life-changing experience. I can't recommend enough. "

M.B., 75 (CA)

"Stephanie is a terrific functional medicine/nutritionist therapist! She is the Best Health Advocate and Nutritionist Coach I have encountered while navigating both healthcare systems in California and in France these past three decades! I can only recommend her services and intend to continue my sessions with her to put all the chances on my side for better health!"

A.T., 48 (CA)

"Stephanie has a genuine passion for healing and understanding her patients with a 360 degree approach. 

She is extremely compassionate, and is able to truly relate and understand pain at a very deep level. She always goes the extra mile to find the best resources adapted to my specific needs. In moments of sickness and vulnerability, it is a wonderful feeling and relief to know Stephanie will always have my back.

Thanks to her expertise, dedication and patience, she has enabled me to regain my energy, strength and morale following a long Covid, negative reactions to an anesthesia, and signs of perimenopause. I could feel immediate reliefs in the first two weeks with less brain fog, more clarity. And it has been a gradual improvement with more energy, focus and stamina over the past six months. This enabled me to resume traveling both for personal and professional reasons with a solid game plan"